Why Robotics for Student?


  1. With the rapid growth of technology under Industry 4.0, the education is also being upgraded to Education 4.0 which means most of the future jobs will be related to Artificial intelligence(AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Robotics. The current level of education taught in schools needs to be upgraded by bringing more practical exposure to the students. Robotics is way by which students can develop the skills of problem solving, practical approach to challenges and give a shape to their creativity.

  2. Providing Robotics education to engineering students was prevalent for last many years in India, however many institutions have started giving this exposure to the school students and the result has been exceptional. Very recently Govt. of India under NITI (National Institution for Transforming India) Aayog has started providing funds to schools for setting up ATAL TINKERING LABS in schools so that this Robotics and other STEM courses could be taught to students.

  3. Research shows that 80% of the Jobs will need strong foundation of STEM subjects. Most of the jobs will be related to Internet of Things (IOT), AI, Automation and Robotics in most of the fields like Aerospace, Aeronautics, Nuclear, Chemical, Pharma, Heavy Engineering, FMCG, Electronics, Medical Science, Home Automation and many more.

Why Robotics?

Intelligence & Creativity

Best way to Increase
Intelligence & Creativity

80% Jobs Requirement

80% Jobs require
strong technological base

STEM related Subjects

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STEM related Subjects

Crack Competitive Exams

Higher chances to
Crack Competitive Exams

Learning Programming & Coding

Best way of learning
Programming & Coding for Students


Participate in IIT, National
& International Robo Competitions