Mechatron Robotics conducts Rapid fire workshop at TEDx Pune

Ideas worth Spreading" . Tedx invites Mechatron Robotics in its “Experience Zone” to spread the idea which is unique in education, a way of learning that is more practical and experiential.

In order to do something unique Mechatron Robotics organized a Rapid Fire Workshop where visitors could come, make circuits and robots in just 15min. The center of attraction was the Drone recently developed by Mechatron Robotics for training purpose. People had hands on training to understand various calibrations techniques of the Drone.

The work by Mechatron Robotics was largely appreciated by TEDx and the Corporates like Infosys. They appreciated our vision of taking India at No 1 position in the fields of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence(AI).


ORGANIZER NAME:  MechatronRobotics