Robotics & Project Labs for Schools, Institutes & Educational Centers based on NITI Aayog by Govt. of India with a vision to “Create One Million Neoteric Child Innovators in India by 2020."

Why Robotics Lab (Atal Tinkering Labs) for your Schools or Institutes ?

More than 90% of the schools in India lack platforms where young minds can give a shape to their imagination & build innovative technology based electronics projects, robots, programs in order to prepare themselves for the future where most of the jobs would be related to artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning(ML).

In order to prepare the present generation for the future Govt. of India under NITI Aayog has been promoting schools to set up such Labs called Atal Tinkering Labs (ATL). ATL will be the hub of innovation where the budding scientists will accelerate their ideas to solve unique problems.

Mechatron Robotics Lab and Innovation Centre


More About Atal Tinkering Labs:

Atal tinkering labs would be dedicated workplace in a school where students (Class VI to Class XII) learn technological skills like Robotics , Internet of Things (IOT), Electronics, Sensors, 3D Printers etc.

The lab activities are designed to spur the spark of creativity, and go beyond regular curriculum and text book learning. The labs will let students explore skills of future such as design and computational thinking, adaptive learning and artificial intelligence. For more details

Links of the Videos of Atal tinkering lab

How we support schools ?

We support schools and colleges by establishing Robotics Lab ( Atal Tinkering Labs) based on the guidelines. We help schools by providing them the required training, tools and material to operationalize the complete set up.

We provide Faculty development programs where we train the teacher and faculty members about the various courses that can be conducted in the labs and support them technically throughout the curriculum. For more details please get in touch with us by filling the below Form.